Are self-improvement books just fantasy for non-fiction readers?

Is reading self-improvement books healthy? It feels like escapism sometimes. How can we measure whether they are valuable or a waste of time and money?

I read a book this year called “It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work”. It’s been crazy at work.

I didn’t think it was; my wife let me know. You are constantly talking about work. Who knew? She knew.

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7 Ways Your iPhone Burns Data to Keep You Chained to Expensive Phone Plans

Hello, Dear Reader! You may have read my story of how I saved $15,000 by switching from a large cell phone carrier to a prepaid carrier (Mint Mobile).

In this post, I’m going to share with you how I overcame one of my big concerns – leaving an “unlimited” data plan for one that has a monthly fixed amount of data. For me, that’s 8GB of LTE data a month now.

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How I Saved $15,000 (really) by Switching Cell Phone Carriers, and You Can, Too (maybe)

I’ve been an AT&T wireless customer for over 15 years, back when I joined Cingular Wireless in 2003. Cingular got purchased by AT&T somewhere along the way, and my pricing and service quality seemed to stay the same, so I stayed.

I stayed there for so long, I am sure I missed out on all kinds of “new customer” promotions that get offered by other carriers. That’s not why I finally dropped AT&T. Actually, I had more reasons to stay with them another 15 years than I did to leave them.

I’ll get to the part about saving $15,000 (really) soon.

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If You Have An Old Mac (iMac or MacBook), You May Want to Read This

Recently, I was gifted an old computer.  With how fast technology moves, this may not sound like much of a gift, depending on how far down we go the sliding scale of “old”.  But this one has surprised me for two reasons, and a small upgrade I made tonight has made a huge difference.

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Have We Forgotten How to Read?

An interesting article found its way into my inbox today: Michael Harris, who wrote a book about the positive qualities of being alone, Solitude – has forgotten how to read.

It’s worth a few minutes of your time to read his article, but once you do I want to pose the next question.

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How to Make Decisions

If you are going to make decisions, you must include all the relevant information.

It’s impossible to make a good decision on purpose if you are missing key information.  You may have luck and end up with a good result, but it’s not repeatable.  People are wary of politicians, sales people, and anyone who is trying to change other’s behavior.  This is smart to be wary – caveat emptor – buyer beware, don’t be deceived.

Buy what if you are the one deceiving yourself?

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How To Survive the Holidays

If you are taking time off this holiday, don’t let your time relaxing turn into regrets about how things could have gone. Some tips you need to survive and thrive during the most wonderful time of the year.

I used to work in sales, including retail. I’ve worked a lot of holidays. Now, the way I work affords me that precious week of time between Christmas and New Year’s Day off.

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ITTR: The Power of Habit

Home Life Hero tries to remember what he read months ago. Come along!

I’m going to try to remember The Power of Habit, a book I read this year.

Have you tried to get someone to read a book you liked?  Was it hard?  Probably.  Getting someone else interested in a 5-15 hour reading activity is a tough sell.

But even books you really like are hard to explain to other people.  Careers are made out of condensing the purpose and ideas of books to make them interesting to others (marketing and book summary writing, among others).  If you aren’t getting paid to do this, you are by definition an amateur at it.

In this series, called I Try to Remember, or ITTR, I don’t even take notes on the books.  I just try and remember what the book was about!  The parts that stick with me are probably the most interesting parts anyway, right?

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Big Brother Lives!

You aren’t paranoid if they are only collecting all of your data and then interpreting your desires.

Less than 12 hours after I posted my blog on what my health coaching sessions did for me over the last year, I started to get some creepy signals that “they” are always listening.

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