ITTR: The Power of Habit

Home Life Hero tries to remember what he read months ago. Come along!

I’m going to try to remember The Power of Habit, a book I read this year.

Have you tried to get someone to read a book you liked?  Was it hard?  Probably.  Getting someone else interested in a 5-15 hour reading activity is a tough sell.

But even books you really like are hard to explain to other people.  Careers are made out of condensing the purpose and ideas of books to make them interesting to others (marketing and book summary writing, among others).  If you aren’t getting paid to do this, you are by definition an amateur at it.

In this series, called I Try to Remember, or ITTR, I don’t even take notes on the books.  I just try and remember what the book was about!  The parts that stick with me are probably the most interesting parts anyway, right?

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Big Brother Lives!

You aren’t paranoid if they are only collecting all of your data and then interpreting your desires.

Less than 12 hours after I posted my blog on what my health coaching sessions did for me over the last year, I started to get some creepy signals that “they” are always listening.

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Job hunting? They will pay you what YOU think you are worth!

If you are job hunting and unsure of whether to disclose your salary history on the application, read this.

My contract got cancelled.

It happens.  Well, it happened to me, and a bunch of other people I work with.  Everyone is now scrambling to update our resumes, or CVs as I prefer to call them (curriculum vitae – roughly Latin for “the course of my life“), and secure new jobs within the company, or elsewhere.

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How To Know If You Can Really Afford Something

Is it enough if you can afford the payment? How about if you pay with cash? Let’s look at the real answer.

Are you considering a big purchase, such as a new TV or appliance?  Perhaps you just made one.

How do you know if you can actually afford something?

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What Would Happen if You Stopped Listening to Music in Your Car?

People spend years of their lives listening to music during the commute to and from work. This is a mistake. You need to be doing this instead.

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