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  1. Wise Old Owl

    Hi! Liked your article and agree with your ideas. However, when I bought my refrigerator 3 years ago, I did buy the warranty. It was a dream refridgerator for around $2500.00. We paid cash, but we also bought an extended five year warranty for $250.00. Earlier this year it started to warm up unexpectedly causing all the ice to melt and the loss of our food! After much aggravation dealing with the Warranty company, it was finally ( after about a month!) determined to be unrepairable! We got a complete 100% replacement and a reimbursement for our food loss. So, for once I’d say the extended warranty paid off. We have replaced our old refridgerator with a great new refrigerator. Once again we also got the extended warranty! I guess more future budget development will help us plan for a full replacement without a warranty, but until then we are happy with our extended warranty. Key to a good extended warranty if your going to buy one; get it directly from the retailer your appliance etc is purchased from. DO NOT purchase a third party warranty unless you are a glutton for frustration and dissatisfaction!!! From Made out like a bandit THIS time!

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