At Home Life Hero, I write about my experiences.  Everything we ever do in life starts with the choices we make at home. I’ll share what I’ve learned with you, including where I’ve made some wins and some mistakes.

You’ll notice I write about products or services sometimes.  Sometimes these are positive mentions, and sometimes not.  If I recommend a product or service to you, it’s because I personally use it. 

Sometimes, I will use affiliate or referral link when writing about these products.  This means when you click the link and try or buy a product or service, you and I may both experience additional benefits.  I may get a small commission, we may both get a free month of a service as a bonus, and so on.

These links come at no additional cost to you.  I’ll never recommend you purchase something that I haven’t used personally, whether or not I use an affiliate or referral link.

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