How to Make Decisions

If you are going to make decisions, you must include all the relevant information.

It’s impossible to make a good decision on purpose if you are missing key information.  You may have luck and end up with a good result, but it’s not repeatable.  People are wary of politicians, sales people, and anyone who is trying to change other’s behavior.  This is smart to be wary – caveat emptor – buyer beware, don’t be deceived.

Buy what if you are the one deceiving yourself?

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Job hunting? They will pay you what YOU think you are worth!

If you are job hunting and unsure of whether to disclose your salary history on the application, read this.

My contract got cancelled.

It happens.  Well, it happened to me, and a bunch of other people I work with.  Everyone is now scrambling to update our resumes, or CVs as I prefer to call them (curriculum vitae – roughly Latin for “the course of my life“), and secure new jobs within the company, or elsewhere.

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