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  1. Wise Old Owl

    Hi! Great article! Very interesting, well written and well organized! Who taught you all those good habits I wonder? Call me, I’ll be your Accountability Buddy! All the best programs encourage having one. A partner to share your successes and challenges with as you continue to fight the good fight of Fat! I share my challenges and successes with my family who directly benefit from my being healthier. (I too had trouble with pride and shame in the beginning. Now I realize that you can’t fix a problem you refuse to recognize that you have.) I report to my doctor on a regular basis. I keep good records and write encouraging notes to myself when I accomplish a goal. Discipline isn’t just doing the set goal without fail, but starting again and again and again after failure after let down after disappointment! Never give up! You can do all things through Christ Who sets you free! From Down ten pounds in Eleven days!

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